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Janiya Food Investment company is a group that was founded in Riyadh- KSA back in 2017 owned by Mr. Abdulaziz Sulaiman AL Rajhi and specialized in the restaurants sector.

The company started its real commercial activities in 2020 where its team was dedicated to launch its first home-grown shawarma concept - Shaziz with its first location in Riyadh - KSA and another home-grown concept is which was launched by May 2021, a Gelato Cafe concept named Blossom also in Riyadh - KSA In addition to the home-grown concepts, Janiya Food Investment Company is going into aggressive franchise-acquiring investment after carefully identifying the market opportunities, where in such new international brands are already acquired from Barcelona and launched in Dubai and planned in the pipeline to open by 2022 in Riyadh such as brunch and cake® , and already acquired the franchise tashas® & Flamingo Room® & brunch and cake®.


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Food Investment company located in Riyadh-KSA
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